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The Virgin of Guadalupe is the most visited Catholic pilgrimage site on planet Earth. According to statistics, more than 14 million people visit it every year. On our website, you’ll find a great collection of various items, including beautiful pendants made of silver and gold. If you buy Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic gift for a friend/loved one, they will be blessed with Her love and care. Or, you can choose to buy a medal, a keepsake box, or a cross that will be with you wherever you go.
It’s true when they say that faith doesn’t really need any religious “baubles” to work. At the same time, they help us to always remember about our Heavenly Father. It’s easy to forget about his gifts and blessings when we’re lost in the daily routine. That’s when these wonderful items come to help. Throughout history, numerous men and women had an opportunity to completely change their lives after they were given a cross or a pendant with the image of Virgin Mary on it. That is exactly why people buy Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic gift – because it has a healing effect and can lead a person towards the light.
According to the official Catholic accounts, Juan Diego, just a regular peasant from Mexico, saw her four times. He witnessed the vision of a mesmerizing virgin in 1531 (December 9, to be exact). She asked him to leave everything behind and build a church in the very place where they met. This is a true story, and it proves to us, modern-day people, that miracles do happen: we only have to believe in them. So, don’t forget to buy Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic gift and always keep it close to your heart.