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We carry a huge selection of beautiful Catholic Rosaries for sale online that make a perfect gift for anyone. Our choices include silver, gemstone, gold, glass bead, crystal bead, and wood bead. All beads, links, centerpieces and other parts are made of the finest, most durable materials. Your satisfaction is our priority.

The Rosary had its beginnings as a knotted cord (knots instead of beads) or threaded bones or stones on which the devout could count their prayers. Now, they are much more ornate, adorned with precious and semi-precious beads that are not only more beautiful, but more durable. They can be heralded as not merely a traditional catholic tool but treasured family heirlooms, passed down through the ages. They will be shared with your children and grandchildren. Rosaries that have been handed down through the generations have a sense of history to them that can be traced back to the first who prayed with them. It gives future generations insight into the beliefs and life of the rosary’s original owner. Buy one for your loved ones so that your devotion will be remembered generations to come.

Many of the centerpieces are engravable to personalize it, and for those that have a special Patron Saint, many of our rosaries can be fitted with a saint medal centerpiece so that your favorite patron will have a part in your daily devotion. We have one of the largest selections for sale with many of them at reduced prices.

A rosary is a precious legacy, invested with the prayers of past generations. Choose one that will say something about you and your belief and devotion to Our Father and Our Lady to future generations.

All our rosaries come complete, even if photos only show the top portion.