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Contemplate the passion of Our Lord by adorning your home with a cross or crucifix for your wall. The variety of styles and sizes in a wide price range make them a great choice for many rooms in your home.

The Christian Cross is the second oldest symbol in Christendom, second only to the famous Icthus (fish symbol). It was delayed in becoming the symbolic icon that it is today because it was still seen as a very real torture weapon. Around the end of the second century or the start of the third century, the Christian Cross started to take on extra meaning to the early Christians and was even called the ‘sign of the Lord’ by Saint Clement of Alexandria. The Christian Cross and the Catholic Crucifix serve as a reminder to all of the sacrifice that Christ made on Calvary; however they do so in two very different theological ways. The Latin cross (which does not have a corpus on it) draws attention to the fact that Jesus is no longer on the cross and has indeed been raised, thus focusing on Christ victory over Sin and death. The Latin Crucifix (which does feature a corpus) draws attention to the fact that Jesus is the all-important figure. The Cross and the Crucifix are seen as many of the most important symbol with Christendom.

Some of the many Christian Crosses that Maryshop has in inventory are; the Latin (Crux Ordinaria, Crux Immissa, or Crux Capitata), the Jerusalem, The Tau (Saint Anthony Cross or Crux Commissa), Saint Brigid’s, The True Church, The Praying Hands, the Risen Christ, the Sacred Heart, the Communion, the Confirmation, the Guardian Angel, the Holy Spirit, the Marriage, the Saint Michael, the Christian Life, and the Celtic (High Cross).