features Catholic Statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Blessed Mother) ranging from small figurines to life-size figures. These are ideal for anyone who wants to beautify their home with Mary. You can buy Virgin Mary Statues for your friends, as these also make wonderful gifts. As the mother of Jesus Christ, this woman plays a vital role in Christianity and is considered to be a saint. According to many religious writings, including the Quran and the New Testament, Mary was a virgin when she gave life to our Savior. Joseph, her husband, played no part in the conceiving, and that is why it is believed that the Holy Spirit is the Father.
Numerous accounts claim she was there when they crucified her son and later became one of the co-founders of Christianity in Israel. The church is calling her one of the most honored and meritorious saints in history. After her passing, Mary appeared more than once to different people around the world to guide them and give them hope for a better future. And while officially she is known as the Mother of God, many folks say that she played a very little role in the religion and wasn’t really hand-picked by the Holy Spirit. But faith is not about tales and rumors: it’s about believing in the great forces of Good and in the love of the Almighty.
Buy Virgin Mary Statues and let her be the “liaison” between you and the Heavens. She had to overcome many struggles; yet, she still remained pure. This is a wonderful example of a regular human who managed to stay true to herself and to what she believed in. We can do the same if we just find the strength to be better than we are today. Our vast selection of materials, designs, styles, and sizes will allow you to find exactly what you need. Buy Virgin Mary Statues on our website and open a new chapter in life. Put one in your living room and/or in the garden so that she will always keep an eye on your family.