On our website, you’ll find an overwhelming collection of rings, statues, crosses, necklaces, and other religious items that come with different price-tags with praying hands. Some believe that this image dates back to 1508 and Albrecht Dürer’s drawing. However, that’s not really true, and we’ve been praying and praising God long before that. When you buy Praying Hands Gift, you’ll become a part of the amazing family of people who prefer to always keep their connection with the Almighty strong and carry a religious item with them all-day-long.
By the way, the tradition of putting our hands together during praying dates back to the Buddhist monks. They were the ones who esteemed this tradition. According to some sources, Christ learned their customs and adopted them for Christianity. Others claim that it was Jesus who taught his apostles how to pray properly. In any case, this isn’t the only way to address God. The Bible comes with numerous postures, including the one with outstretched hands, standing, kneeling, and falling to the ground.
It doesn’t really matter because the posture of the body is not important. It’s the posture of the soul that counts. Remember that while shopping to buy Praying Hands Gift. A religious item needs to connect with you on a different level and strengthen your faith. If this image does that for you, then please, by any means, go ahead and stick with it. You can buy Praying Hands Gift while sitting in your comfortable chair and scrolling through our available products online. Shipping/delivery is easy and fast; the quality of the gifts is amazing.