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Jewelry Size Guide Jewelry – Size Guide

Please see individual item descriptions to confirm the karat level of gold, and sterling silver vs. stainless steel. All are quality items, we just want to ensure you get the items you desire. If you ever have any questions about an item, please contact us.

Much of the jewelry items and medals are in millimeters unless “inches” is otherwise noted.

Use the approximate size chart below.


Approximate Jewelry Size Chart

12mm = 1/2 inch
15mm = 5/8 Inch
18mm = 3/4 Inch (about the size of a Dime)
21mm = 13/16 Inch (about the size of a Nickel)

22mm = 7/8 Inch

25mm = 1 Inch (about the size of a Quarter)


Jewelry Weight Approximate

1 DWT = 1.555 grams
1 DWT = 1/20th of a troy ounce.

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